Press release  7th January 2021

Press release 7th Jan 2021

5 apartments; an important step towards changing how houses and apartments are owned.

Originally drafted in 2002 with little take up, the government recently asked the Law Commission to see how they can further develop the commonhold idea.

The Law Commission, led by Professor Nick Hopkins was therefore surprised to learn last year that a new building company Hopton Build (Yorkshire) were ahead of the game and the only known builder in England building and selling properties commonhold.

Commonhold provides a structure for the freehold ownership and management of separate, interdependent properties. It enables a person to own the freehold of their individual property such as an apartment (called a “unit”) within a building or development and become a member of a “commonhold association” which owns and manages the shared areas.

By enabling the freehold ownership of apartments within a residential block, commonhold provides an alternative to leasehold.

Modern Leasehold changed everything.

Currently, residential leasehold, which doesn’t afford actual ownership, is the main way of owning apartments in England and Wales.

15 years ago major builders realised they could manipulate the leasehold concept, this has caused a lot of issues which the government have become increasingly concerned at.   Resources. Guide to the issues

The Law Commission is running an enquiry

There is an A.P.P.G. (All Party Political Group) trying to resolve.

The L.K.P. Leasehold Knowledge Partnership charity and the National Leasehold Campaign group have been very outspoken against the impotent government backed support service “Lease” who have been asleep whilst all this has happened. Supposedly an official point of assistance to leaseholders it had self serving interests, and there was a conflict of interest at the highest level of management.

The facebook initiated action group N.L.C. National Leasehold Campaign now has in 12 months reached over 16,000 members. 3 of the originators Katie Kendrick, Jo Derbyshire and Cath Williams and are also giving evidence to the current select committee investigating the scam. Jo has also been elected to the secretariat of the A.P.P.G. 

The National Association of Estate Agents carried out a survey; “Leasehold a Life Sentence!” says 94% of leasehold property buyers regretted buying.  They called it a scandal about to burst and bigger than the banks PPI scandal.

The Advertising standards Agency said they are currently investigating Builders and Estate Agents. Especially complaints reference misleading buyers saying leasehold property is for sale. The Law Commission advise leasehold is not ownership of property “Its a tenancy agreement”.



The Law Commission and many others are now also pushing for Commonhold to become the norm for apartments and Freehold for houses. As builders we couldn’t have achieved our leading commonhold development without the support from the 3 at the NLC and their influences with LKP Leasehold Knowledge Partnership the secretariat for the All Party Parliamentary Group .  

This is just a small sample of available media and gov action. To see current action please also see their Twitter and Facebook pages.

NLC Videos

                     The leasehold property scam – A new phenomena 


General Media

July    2019   BBC Sunday politics 14th July Sarah Jones MP

July    2019   BBC Breakfast featuring Nat Assn Estate Agents

July    2019   BBC Radio 4. Today Sarah Jones MP

June   2019   Sky News Cath asks Boris Johnson

June   2019   BBC News C.M.A. Inquiry launched

June   2019   BBC Radio 4. You and Yours. Jo Darbyshire

April    2019   BBC Radio 4. You and Yours. Katie Kendrick

March 2019   BBC Merseyside Phone in. Katie Kendrick

March 2019   BBC Radio London with Sebastian O’Kelly

March 2019   BBC Midlands Today Leasehold scandal

Feb    2019   Move IQ  Phil Spencer refers the NLC

Oct     2018   Victoria Live – Home changes delayed. Katie Kendrick

Sept   2018   BBC News afternoon Live with Mark hayward

Sept   2018   BBC Breakfast featuring NLC Jo Darbyshire / Beth Rudolph

June   2018   Which? Backdated leases 

July    2017   Sky News interview Sir Peter Bottomley M.P.

July    2017   BBC News at 6. The leasehold scandal            

June   2017   ITV Tonight Leasehold Scandal with Katie Kendrick

Further references: –



Jul      2019   Video            New premier supports leasehold campaign

Jul      2019   Labour Policy    Ending the leasehold scandal     

Jul      2019   New Guide    How to buy a leasehold home     

Jul      2019  Paper            Government response to Select Committee inquiry

July    2019   Video            Eddie Hughes M.P. Ground Rents

Jul      2019   Letter            Shadow housing John Healey letter to Jo Darbyshire NLC

Jun     2019   Papers          Government technical briefing paper

Jun     2019   Paper            Leaseholders Pledge by Builders.   Dismissed by NLC

Mar    2019   Paper            Leasehold Reform 12th Report

Jan     2019   Video            Law Commission Leaseholders

Right to manage RTM consultation

Law Commission Leaseholders and Commonhold reform.

Dec    2018   Video            NLC presentation to the Select Committee.

Dec    2018   Video            Anthony Essien CEO lease

Oct     2018   Paper            Implementing reforms to the leasehold system in England

Dec    2017   Paper            Tackling unfair practices – Gov response      

Jul      2017   Paper            Tackling unfair practices in the leasehold market

Feb    2017   Paper            Fixing the broken market – Gov Whitepaper

Sept   2018   Select Committee

                     NLC, Jo Derbyshire submits written evidence

Bob Blackman M.P. questions Prof Hopkins of the Law Commission

All Party Parliamentary Groups want change

Parliament Live TV Leasehold debate


Thursday 11th July 2019


15:11  Sir Geoffrey Clifton Brown MP (The Cotswolds, Conservative)

                    Ground rents and service charges on both leasehold and freehold.

15:17  Rosie Cooper MP (West Lancashire, Labour)

                     Inducements – time for the solicitors regulatory authority to act


15:21  Bob Blackman MP (Harlow East, Conservative)

                     Legislate developers & right the wrongs

15:28  Sir George Howarth MP (Knowsley, Labour)

                     Escalating permission and admin charges. About time it was sorted!

15:33  Fiona Bruce MP (Congleton, Conservative)

                     Trapped by the ground rent £1,837,850 over their lifetime

15:37  Maria Eagle MP (Garston and Halewood

Thought they were buying their own homes. 69% sold as leasehold. Mis-sold, not advised about leasehold. Feudalism of the worst kind.

Ground rent over £250 counts as a short-hold tenancy and easily terminated. 3 months overdue compels courts.

15:42  Dr Mathew Offord MP (Hendon, Conservative)

                     Morally corrupt requiring action.

15:48 Jonathan Reynolds MP (Stalybridge & Hyde Labour (Co-Op))

Legalised extortion, simply no relationship between charges and services supplied. Ground rents capped, simple right to buy formulae.

15:55  Marcus Jones MP (Nuneaton, Conservative)

                     Commonhold. Link with solicitors to be broken,

16:00  Chi Onwurah MP (Newcastle upon Tyne Central, Labour)

Labour party to end feudal practice. Remove exemption for charities and trusts.

16:04  Jo Platt MP (Leigh, Labour (Co-Op))

                     16:05 special thanks to Katie Kendrick and the NLC

Gov made 60 leasehold announcements but real action. Labour will cap existing GR at £140pa and buy at 1% of house cost

16.08  Jim Fitzpatrick MP (Poplar and Limehouse, Labour)

16:09 thanks to NLC. Grenfell highlighted the problems with

                     Commends Labour policy to end leasehold. Now time to deliver.

16:13  Sir Peter Bottomley MP (Worthing West, Conservative)

Thanks to Lynn & Martin Boyd, Seb O’Kelly LKP. Pay tribute to the NLC Jo, Katie and Cath who made practical progress and media interest.

16:18  Liz McInnes MP (Heywood & Middleton, Labour)

One doubling by 2055 £1650 per annum, £13m by end of lease:- not informed, dev solicitors. Freehold sold to BVI. Mental stress.

Will gov launch enquiry same as Banking PPI

16:24  Justin Madders MP (Ellesmere Port and Neston, Labour)

Special thanks to LKP and NLC. Need a fully independent inquiry. Support from all sides to get resolution on the statute book

16:31 Lyn Brown MP (West Ham, Labour)

The law isn’t there to help. Prisoners in their own home. Doubling ground rents, poultry commitments from this government. Establish commonhold developments.

16:36  Sarah Jones MP (Croyden Central, Labour)

Thanks to Select committee for such a powerful report, respondents and LKP and the National Leasehold Campaign who have done extraordinary work. One in four homes are leasehold 6 million people think they purchased homes that they don’t. Labour to bring leasehold in line with every major economy. Est 100,000 stuck in homes they are unable to sell.


60 announcements since 2010; none have led to any action. They are propping it up with Help to Buy.


16:44  Mrs Heather Wheeler MP (Parliamentary under-secretary Housing, Communities and Local Government) for State. (South Derbyshire, Conservative)

Reforms to remove incentives for builders, require property agents to register, doubling ground rents to be varied. CMA to review unfair contracts. New “How to lease” details the costs, rights and responsibilities. Thanks to APPG, LKP & The Law commission, Reinvigorate commonhold. Gov supports the use of commonhold. Freeholders also able to challenge fees and appoint a new manager.


16:55  Clive Betts MP (Sheffield South East, Labour)

Chairman Parliamentary select committee.

Minister said we would get answers. Commitments made today don’t go far enough. Need to end onerous ground rents, permission fees, new and existing properties. Improvement and tenure for commonhold.