Stop Estate Agents mis-selling.

We sell honestly. We are the only known UK builder currently selling freehold apartments within commonhold
Why shouldn’t others also be honest. Help build awareness, for new and nearly new homes. Integrity and honesty is currently being disadvantaged by marketeers with misleading ads.

Estate agents with re-sales are also guilty!
Please see below and send a similar complaint in response to all local leasehold adverts on Rightmove, Zoopla etc.

Copy ad also to
Advertising Standards
and email CMA investigators at
Every message counts. Thank you. Stewart Moxon.

Complaint: – This property isn’t for sale. Its leasehold. Only the lease is for sale. It’s a long-term tenancy agreement and should be advertised as “Lease for Sale”. Your advert is mis-selling, misleading, and wrong.
It omits important key information new gov guidelines advise; that it is only a rental agreement, what term, how much is the annual ground rent, how much is the escalator clause, permission fees, maintenance fees, sinking fund and other unavoidable extra charges.
Finally, it doesn’t affirm if you want to try to buy the property, will need additional finance and also require the permission and similar additional funding from any other leaseholders.  

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