Last remaining freehold 2 bed maisonette, Something very special.

Quality build +

so much more…….

Designed for the more discerning, but of particular interest for a buyer who understands / wants the various benefits an apartment can bring whilst still retaining freehold ownership.

A new standard of ownership most other apartments buyers can only dream of and incomparable against leasehold. The last of five having just been completed in this select development.
Viewing will confirm the very high standard that incorporates features ensuring the ongoing costs of ownership is also substantially less than comparable apartments.

Apartment 5 £139,500

Savings by design

Being freehold, a rarity for apartments, these are highly efficient, with annual savings estimated well over a thousand if not several thousand every year.

From –
– deposit

Our development is Freehold – it’s not Leasehold! The difference between owning and just being a tenant is massive.

“This development is a fantastic way forward, ensuring the plot the building sits on is owned by those living on the property, not some absent landlord who may not have the resident’s best interests at heart.
Making decisions on where you live is empowering and inclusive and genuinely helps you get to know your neighbours and build a community as you all work towards a common goal of having a lovely, stress free place to live.”

Tracy Brabin
M.P. Batley & Spen

Selling homes not leases……

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